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Loose, von Unruh & Partner

Anke Loose and Kailash von Unruh

We are competent partners for the development of people, teams and organisations.

What makes us tick

Wir Flipchart BeratungsverstaendnisMany people, theories and attitudes have inspired and shaped us over the years. We would like to mention some of them here:

The basis of our values and therefore our consultancy work is a humanistic view of man, the theory and practice of systemic therapy and consultancy, the thoughts and concepts of Otto Scharmer on Theory U, the practices of collegial leadership and sociocracy, and the values and methods of psychodrama. 

For us, accompanying people and organisations is inconceivable without a relationship of mutual trust. We regard ourselves as partners for our clients: with the necessary critical distance, with consultancy goals and a coordinated approach that have been agreed jointly. 

We are committed to sustainable and regenerative management and regard ourselves as learners and researchers in this context. To this end, we are active in various networks, initiatives and projects. 

We are particularly keen to accompany organisations that are committed to such goals and are happy to share our knowledge and experience with you.