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Leadership today

Leadership todayLeadership takes place in a field of tension between different expectations: the role of leaders is far less clear than it used to be. Often there is a partial overlap of the different, co-existing organisational forms and the associated roles in the company. Consequently, it is not always clear where responsibility lies. Furthermore, there are the conflicting expectations of the organisation. 

For example, you are expected to provide security without having it yourself. Often new problems are approached with old solutions that are no longer appropriate. Long-term forecasts are expected, when in fact only short-term plans are feasible and you have to take one step at a time.

On the one hand, employees long for quick and clear decisions; on the other hand, they want to be involved in decision-making processes. Employees' demands for participation, freedom, decision-making power and responsibility have grown considerably. So much of what used to be normal is being questioned.

We would support you in recognising patterns and understanding (perhaps new) connections. Together with you, we would describe and design ways to use the knowledge of many to develop best solutions. We introduce you to methods that enable you and your team to come to joint decisions efficiently and purposefully. 

Successful leadership in the described field of tension requires good self-awareness and your own inner navigation system that you can always use for orientation and alignment. The willingness to reflect and question oneself and leadership situations is a prerequisite.

We are known to be respectful and imaginative partners for such personal developments and look forward to a fascinating journey with you. 


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FuehrungThe following formats would be appropriate for facilitating this exchange on ideas about leadership: 

  • Large group events in which the company's leaders share ideas about leadership and jointly develop new approaches to solutions. 
  • Leadership development for new and/or experienced leaders in mixed groups
  • Team coaching for a group of leaders from one division/department
  • Team coaching for a leader together with his/her team 
  • Coaching for a single manager